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IP Transport – Voice, Data, Mobility, and Managed Services traverse this service provider backbone. Service Provider Networking building out of Edge, End to end transport, Edge, access, and core. Service Providers are on the ramp to the cloud. We support 5G devices from mobile phones to IOT sensors and provide mass-scale connectivity for applications to the cloud and private cloud/ DC. MDSi is supporting and scaling to the increased demands of the new hybrid remote workforce.

MDSi can help with cost-effective sourcing, stage and integration services, design, deploy, and provide lifecycle asset management.

  • Access
  • Edge
  • Core Transport
  • IP Routed Networks
  • Wireless networks (5G), and Cloud Solutions

Subscription Cloud SaaS license management + commodity hardware that is being virtualized on purpose built, open standards or white box solutions through Acuity.

MDSi delivers Mass-Scale Network and Data Center Solutions coupled with Procurement, Integration, Supply Chain, and End of Life Migration within a Certified OEM Ecosystem

MDSI has built our reputation as a trusted, full-service partner offering a wide range of high-value services to many of the largest Enterprises and Service Providers in North America.

  • Advanced forward / reverse logistics
  • Cost optimized product sourcing
  • Supply Chain services and Software systems that enable customized ordering and asset management
  • Lifecycle Professional services (Planning, Design, Staging and Integration)

Our Lifecycle Professional services team is comprised of a highly-skilled group of OEM certified engineers with decades of experience across the following disciplines.

  • IP Voice Systems including call centers
  • Video Conferencing
  • IP Routing (Access, Edge, Core)
  • Data Center
  • Network Security
  • Wireless networks (Wi-Fi / 5G)
  • Cloud Migration Solutions

Collaborate Integrate and Deliver your Service Provider Transformation Future

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