Companies Run Healthier and More Sustainable Organizations Working With MDSi

Through its industry-leading telecom and network infrastructure solutions, MDSi enables healthcare providers to run more efficient facilities and not only better care for not only their patients, but their employees, partners, and other constituents, as well.


Benefits of Healthcare Companies Working With MDSi Include:

  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Comprehensive and Collaborative Consultation
  • 24/7/365 Uptime
  • Increased Ability to Scale
  • Reduced Costs
  • Even Better Patient Care
  • Improved Communications and Delivery of Care
  • Improved Efficiency, Sustainability, and Profitability For The Hospital Or Facility
  • Healthier And Happier Patients And Families

Healthcare Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, the world’s leading healthcare organizations rely on MDSi’s ability to innovate, create, and exceed expectations no matter the size or location of the hospital, facility and/or implementation.



  • Network Infrastructure and High Availability Assessments
  • Design and configuration for secure connectivity with  for onsite pharmacies
  • Network Upgrade and Deployment Projects
  • SD-WAN design, configuration and implementation for remote clinics, urgent care and/or specialist locations


  • Wireless site surveys - Predictive and for all areas of Healthcare including complex environments, outdoor areas, ER’s, ICU’s etc
  • Access Point Deployment
  • Location services and tracking for RFID tags, way point finding
  • Voice over Wireless - Voicera and IP phones for clinical staff
  • BYOD for clinician smart devices, tablets etc.
  • Seamless and secure guest wifi for patients


  • Wired and wireless identity services for network/wireless/guest and remote access
  • Next Generation Firewalls and IPS for perimeter security
  • Security assessments in preparation for HIPPA
  • Security assessments in preparation for PCI compliance in stores/food courts

Data Center & Cloud

  • Next generation private cloud implementation for critical applications such EMR and PAX
  • Virtualization of servers, desktops and applications for easy and secure access


  • Complete multisite IP phones systems and support for remote users with messaging, conferencing, recording etc
  • Small Scale Contact Center support for up to 500 agents
  • Video conferencing and Telepresence, Web conference video solutions for staff, clinicians, translation services, hearing impaired etc.
  • Voice Health checks and network readiness assessments