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  • Inventory Management & Visibility
  • Segregate Inventory, Permissions, and Reporting by Business Unit
  • Project / Engineering Planning & Forecasting
  • Capital Project Deployment Management
  • Install Location Tracking
  • Spares / Outage Management
  • Equipment Returns Management
  • License, Subscriptions, and Maintenance Management
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reporting
  • API / Web Services for Transaction Processing and Inquiry

Acuity Portal

Acuity SaaS Asset Management
Visibility, Delivery, Analytics

  • Capital Project Deployment

    • Configuration Management
    • Total Project Deployment, Multiple Install Locations
    • Consumption Prioritization (Redeploy, Certified Reconditioned, New)
  • Spares Management

    • Rush (4 hour), Next Flight Out (NFO), Next Business Day
    • Defective Return, RMA Management
    • OEM Maintenance Support, Outage Management
  • Equipment Returns

    • Decommissions, Equipment Harvesting Management
    • Disposition Triage Logic, Receiving Rules
    • Data Sanitization, Erasure
    • Certificate of Destruction for Recycled Equipment
  • Business Intelligence

    • Consumption Analytics
    • Vendor Lead Time
    • Spares Modeling
    • Capital Cost Avoidance Analysis
    • License, Subscription, Maintenance Management

Inventory and asset management within large, multi-national corporations quickly becomes a very complex and costly problem. The core issue is the lack of centralized visibility of available hardware to meet the needs of engineers and IT personnel, as many projects and programs are managed in a silo, leading to excess hardware and increasing capital.



The Acuity platform utilizes existing, new, and re-deployable inventory and preferred supplier base to locate the lowest cost solution that easily integrates with existing ERP systems, resulting in minimal impact and maximum benefit for global supply chains.

Collaborate Integrate and Deliver your SaaS Asset Management Future

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