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Acuity is an advanced software solution designed to streamline large-scale deployment processes. It offers comprehensive IT solutions that accelerate infrastructure transformation initiatives ensuring operational efficiencies
for businesses.

MDSi is a technology sourcing partner with the right combination of people, processes, and applications designed to support the full product life cycle. MDSi has committed significant resource investments in solutions and applications that comprehensively support the circular economy, from the initial stages of technology sourcing to the final phase of asset retirement. This is accomplished through one platform, Acuity.

Deployment & Implementation
Robust tool for planning, sourcing, integration and managing all aspects of large-scale deployments.
Inventory & Outage Control
Implements governance and control mechanisms to optimize spare parts management, ensuring availability and improving overall operational performance.
Asset Recovery & Circular Services
Focused on efficiency and sustainability,significantly enhancing reuse, repair, and recycling of existing assets. Minimizing waste and resource depletion.
Intangible Asset Management
Management of maintenance, licenses, and software subscriptions, focused on timely renewals and overall visibility.
Business Intelligence
Data-driven insights that streamline decision-making processes, asset life cycle optimization, from acquisition through retirement.


Business Intelligence
Circular Services
Open API for seamless integration
  • Demand Planning / Forecasting
  • Procurement
  • Configuration Management
  • Redeploy/OEM Certified
  • Integration/Deployment
  • Visibility and Tracking
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Trend Analysis and Market Insight
  • Reporting and Visualization
  • Data Governance & Quality
  • Integration with Business Processes (BI)
Intangible Asset Management
  • Maintenance, license, and subscription renewals
  • Consolidated OEM visibility
  • Asset Recovery & Optimization
  • Decommission Services
  • Spares Management / Outage Support
  • Asset Disposition Management
    • Reuse
    • Asset Liquidation
    • Recycling (R2 Certified)

Streamline technology configuration & deployment through efficient procurement methodology tied to sustainability inherent practices

Enhance technology management decisions with real-time asset transaction analytics and governance rules

Advance circular economy by incorporating reuse/certified equipment into technology procurement methodology. Accelerate transformation initiatives by optimizing asset retirement and reverse logistics

Benefits of Acuity:
  • Timely Procurement Recommendations
  • Accelerate Transformation Initiatives
  • Scalable capital deployment management
Benefits of Acuity:
  • Business Analytics driving cost reduction
  • Reduce annual expenditures through accurate contract renewals
  • Reuse and re-purpose practice - cost reduction & eco-friendly
Benefits of Acuity:
  • Optimizes triage of assets for reuse/repair/recycling
  • Scalable product return process
  • Enhances sustainability practices/Circular Economy

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