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and smart analytics in a single software platform

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Network Service Providers

Consumers require a high-performing, highly-available network with robust security. MDSi offers network solutions to meet any challenge. We support 5G devices from mobile phones to IOT sensors, all while providing mass scale connectivity for applications to the cloud and on-prem DC's. MDSi's current technology portfolio and technical expertise include Enterprise IT Voice and Data Networking, Global Service Providers, Access, Edge and Core Transport, and IP Routed Networks. Media & Entertainment, Hub-Headend.

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Multi-Service Operators

MDSi is an industry-trusted, end-to-end partner offering a wide range of value-add, high-touch services to Multi-Service Operators (MSOs). We work with many of the largest Cable Networks in North America to manage and maximize capital budgets, keep projects on track and reduce operational expenses. We marry our technological prowess with supply chain expertise to reduce lead times, meet project delivery schedules, and optimize deployment and reverse logistics cycles driven by the daily management of a large-scale Operator Network.

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Today’s network requirements are evolving rapidly. MDSi’s advanced engineering and program management teams provide IT Network Design, Cloud Migration, Product Acquisition, Integration Services, and Supply Chain Logistics. We provide complete end-to-end solutions throughout end-of-life migration.

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Cloud & SaaS

Achieving Digital Transformation today can be difficult, and many customers start the process, but they may not fully realize goals and outcomes. MDSi has the resources to help you on your journey to Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-cloud.

Our engineers can assist with your AWS and Microsoft Azure initiatives. Let us assist you with essential SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 and UCaaS migrations. IaaS, PaaS, Containerization, DC Modernization.

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Supply Chain Logistics

MDSi utilizes the world’s leading business intelligence tools and experts to help reduce technology expenditures and carrying costs. MDSi analyzes your consumption trends, project forecasts, and equipment harvests from the field to help its customers make more logical purchase decisions that will most accurately meet the usage demands of their businesses.

MDSi develops, implements, and supports the most efficient and result-generating processes specific to each customer's requirements, growth strategy, and cost-planning needs.

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Integration Services

Onsite configuration of key assets can introduce risks that slow down deployments, reduce time to market, and impact service delivery. MDSi can help reduce your risk and costs and accelerate deployment by staging your equipment in our integration centers.

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Decomm & Restoration

MDSi provides extensive decommission and restoration services to support data centers, facility closures, corporate lease returns, and consolidation. Our team of technical engineers understands the importance of disposing of an organization's infrastructure in a manner that eliminates all risks related to sensitive data. We accomplish this through dedicated inventory segregation with secure data and disposition cages. We are R2 certified and deliver sustainable and compliant recycling programs. Our tool Acuity SaaS provides scale, visibility, and manages decommission and restoration projects throughout disposition.

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