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What's Driving Change?

  • 5G Future with 3G Concerns
  • CDN, SDN, and Edge Computing
  • Bandwidth, IoT and Security


Billions of 5G devices will generate vast waves of new data. They’ll also create new ways to solve challenges and drive unimagined growth opportunities. Everything is changing: products, services, businesses, and operating models. Acting now can put SPs on the front foot, short-term gains and industry leaders will follow. By applying 5G’s ultra-low latency, real-time connectivity, vastly increased capacity, and blisteringly fast speed, SPs can leapfrog competitors and realize the full potential of the Pervasive Network. The race is on, and acceleration is key.


Providers who want to lead the 5G race have many decisions to make. From spectrum planning and feasibility issues to priority use cases, new business models, and device strategies, SPs must negotiate a world of operational complexity while keeping on top of costs. The migration path for tomorrow’s bandwidth at its current growth rate, including internet services, low latency gaming, VR/AR, and High-quality video combined with today’s digital subscription streaming services, will consume the entire capacity of today’s cable networks in the next several years. SP’s and cable operators need to start planning and transforming now by driving computing to the edge. The race for true 5G and marketshare between providers is in full swing.


The expansion of 5G, IoT, VR/AR, and other new consumer demands, as well as M&A within the industry, creates rapid technology changes and complexities. MDSI helps manage that shift from decommissioning 3G assets while enabling 5G integration and supply chain migration solutions.

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