Acuity is MDSi’s comprehensive SaaS asset tracking and visibility solution. The solution maximizes your return on technology investment through best in class business intelligence, complete asset lifecycle management, spare inventory optimization, automated replenishment and improved utilization of capital deployment assets. Ultimately helping our customers run more efficient, sustainable, and profitable businesses


Acuity Web Portal

Inventory and asset management within large, multi-national corporations quickly becomes a very complex and costly problem. The core issue is the lack of centralized visibility of available hardware to meet the needs of engineers and IT personnel as many projects and programs are managed in a silo, leading to excess hardware and increasing capital.

The Acuity platform utilizes existing new and re-deployable inventory and preferred supplier base to locate the lowest cost solution that easily integrates with existing ERP systems, resulting in minimal impact and maximum benefit for global supply chains.

The four primary modules of Acuity's Web Portal include:
Capital Project Deployment
Spares Management
Equipment Returns
Business Intelligence


Spares – Business Analytics

  • Spares Usage Analytics
    • By Item and Geography
  • Defective Returns Analytics
    • Outstanding Defective Returns
    • Average Days Outstanding
    • Open RMAs
  • Spares Inventory Analysis
    • Spares by Location by Item
    • Sparing Rules by Item

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence and analytics help drive cost avoidance by analyzing/providing:

  • Consumption trends to make purchase and stocking recommendations
  • Outages to make spares stocking recommendations
  • Dashboards to enable governance of supply chain processes
  • Capital cost avoidance analytics
  • Recommendations for reuse or retirement of asset
  • Visibility to assets in the various states of their lifecycle