MDSi Supports Georgia Conservancy’s Mission to Promote Sustainable Land Use and Conservation

Company News | Mar 22, 2023

Alpharetta, Georgia – MDSi, a leading provider of technology solutions, is proud to announce its recent donation to the Georgia Conservancy. MDSi’s contribution will help advance the Georgia Conservancy’s mission to promote sustainable land use and conservation in the state.

The Georgia Conservancy has been at the forefront of championing environmental conservation in Georgia for over five decades. The organization works towards protecting Georgia’s diverse ecosystems, including coastal marshes, forests, and mountain ranges, through ecological and economical solutions for stewardship, conservation, and sustainable use of the land and its resources.

MDSi’s donation will enable the Georgia Conservancy to undertake various initiatives that support sustainable land use practices, preserve wildlife habitats, and advance conservation research in urban and rural areas of Georgia. MDSi is proud to support the Georgia Conservancy in its efforts to preserve Georgia’s natural beauty and resources.

“At MDSi, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and supporting initiatives that benefit the communities we serve,” said Shannon Payne, Senior VP, Supply Chain of MDSi. “We are honored to support the Georgia Conservancy in their efforts to protect Georgia’s environment and resources for generations to come.”

The Georgia Conservancy is grateful for the support of MDSi and other partners in advancing its mission. With the support of organizations like MDSi, the Georgia Conservancy can continue to promote sustainable land use and conservation practices in Georgia.

About MDSi

Founded in 1990, MDSi, an ISO14001 certified organization, is a leading supplier of technology products, software, integration services, and supply chain solutions supporting the following architectures: IT Voice and Data, Optical Transport, IP Routed Networks, Wireless (5G), Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial, and Distributed Access Architecture that help companies run more efficient, sustainable, and profitable businesses.  With operations across hundreds of locations, organizations rely on MDSi to solve complex problems by delivering proactive technology solutions that significantly impact their growth and profitability.

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