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Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and solution provider to our clients as they evolve their IT infrastructure.


New or pre-owned hardware? That's tricky. We analyze and recommend the right mix, with an installation and implementation strategy to reduce costs.

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Installation &


The right sparing program, warranty management, repairs and maintenance keep your IT infrastructure humming. We use data to coordinate it all.

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We use data to identify the optimal point in time to get rid of your equipment. By selling at just the right time, you're able to maximize your return on investment.

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Optimal Time
of Sell
Environmental Compliance


Environmental compliance and data erasure are key to a certified hardware disposal. Whether onsite or off, we'll manage costs and logistics.

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Our Hardware Offerings

A key component of our hardware lifecycle management services is providing our customers with an assortment of hardware options. We feature brand-new and certified refurbished networking, voice, server and storage hardware from top manufacturers:

The MDSi Suite of Support Services

MDSi also offers a comprehensive suite of hardware lifecycle management/IT infrastructure management services to help you optimize your hardware and software technology solutions. Examples include:

  • Analytics and recommendation: We can provide reliable analytics that increase your business inventory intelligence by helping you gain a better understanding of how your technology assets are used, while also make recommendations regarding areas of improvement.
  • Installation: You can count on our more than two decades of expertise to install your IT hardware or provide capable installation guidance to your technical staff.
  • Stage and configuration: Our staff includes OEM-certified technicians and engineers who can handle the all-important staging and configuration process, eliminating the costs associated with receiving equipment that does not meet your performance expectations.
  • Testing and repairs: MDSi’s testing and repair solutions allow you to maximize the return on your hardware investment, while providing ongoing support for your IT infrastructure.
  • Maintenance: We can provide you with a clearer understanding of your maintenance purchase usage, which can help you avoid unnecessary hardware add-on expenses.
  • Spares Management: MDSi, Inc uses a proven sparing process that is data driven.The simplifies that overall logistics needed to drive your sparing program needs.
  • Warranty Management: The professionals at MDSi, Inc work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your warranty agreements with your hardware providers.
  • Redeployment: It is essential to maximize your return on your hardware investment by creating redeployment processes that support installation and maintenance of hardware.

Our services also include spares and warranty management, redeployment programs, certified disposal, decommissioning and much more.

What Do We Mean by Cost Avoidance?

Some IT infrastructure management-service providers attempt to help their clients lower expenses by reducing the costs they are already incurring. At MDSi, we take a different approach. Through the effective, precise use of analytics, our goal is to help you avoid needless costs altogether.

We start by centralizing the visibility of your existing hardware mix. This enables us to attain comprehensive, accurate data, which we combine with our streamlined suite of asset deployment services, allowing you to assess, manage and optimize your IT infrastructure with greater speed and efficiency.

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MDSi methodologies lower the total cost of ownership of your entire current and future IT infrastructure, empowering companies to truly maximize their capital investments.

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