MDSi provides extensive supply chain solutions that focus on improving the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of our customers businesses. For more than 30 years, MDSi has been uniting forward logistics with reverse logistics to maximize technology investments and impact the bottom line. Visibility of equipment from original purchase to retirement is the key to reducing the costs of overall capital and operating expenditures. MDSi has more than 250 domestic Strategic Stocking Locations (SSLs) and over 550 worldwide that enable us to provide solutions to global leaders…no matter their location.


Forward Logistics

  • PO Receipts
  • BOM Management
  • Kit Assemblies
  • Capital Project Management
  • Staging / Configuration of Equipment
  • Order Processing / Deployment Management

Reverse Logistics

  • Equipment Decommission and Harvesting
  • Equipment Triage / Utilization Routing
    • Redeploy, Spares, Trade-In, Resale, Recycle
  • Equipment Repair / Refurbishment / Redeployment\
  • OEM Warranty / Entitlement Management
  • Spares Management

Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

MDSi provides solutions and services to help you manage your assets, provide traceability, and ensure proper disposal of all your technology equipment.

  • Asset Tagging and Asset Management
  • Site Audits and In-Service Asset Identification
  • Asset Reconciliation Services
  • Asset Retirement Management

Supply Chain Analytics

MDSi utilizes the world’s leading business intelligence tools and experts to help reduce technology expenditures and carrying costs. MDSi analyzes your consumption trends, project forecasts, and equipment harvests from the field to help its customers make more logical purchase decisions that will most accurately meet the usage demands of their businesses.

MDSi develops, implements, and supports the most efficient and result-generating processes that are specific to each customer's requirements, growth strategy, and cost-planning needs.



Acuity is MDSi’s comprehensive SaaS asset tracking and visibility solution. The solution maximizes your return on technology investment through best in class business intelligence, complete asset lifecycle management, spare inventory optimization, automated replenishment and improved utilization of capital deployment assets. Ultimately helping our customers run more efficient, sustainable, and profitable businesses