With more than 30 years of direct experience and knowledge, MDSi provides a wide range of Technical Services that improve the efficiency and sustainability of its client’s businesses. We stage your equipment in our ESD compliant and climate-controlled lab, where our expert and certified in-house technicians configure your hardware, including the required OS specifications. We also provide testing and repair services that enable our customers to maximize their ROI on hardware investments and ensure the long-term sustainability of their networks.

And by enabling our customers to easily understand the full lifecycle of their hardware and centralizing their equipment, they have complete visibility and easier processes for more cost-effective redeployment and sparing.


Stage & Config

After a thorough evaluation of current configurations, MDSi’s team of experienced engineers upgrades your software, builds the correct bundle device, and add labeling to your equipment. This advanced work entails building custom configurations based on your unique and specific internal network designs. MDSi does not release or redeploy equipment until it's been thoroughly evaluated by our in-house technicians and meets our stringent quality control processes.


MDSi uses the best testing equipment the industry has to offer. Our testing services ensure that your products are consistently functioning at optimum levels at all times and that they are quickly and properly repaired if they fail. Just as important is ensuring that compatibility requirements are front of mind when you are looking to add new hardware, software or other equipment. MDSi ensures that any and all upgrades are implemented seamlessly.



Our OEM certified engineers complete all repair work within our state-of-the-art in-house labs, which are fully ESD compliant and climate controlled. MDSi provides services that are multi-vendor, multi-platform, across the entire spectrum of cable, service providers, voice, and server technologies.  Once we’ve identified the issue causing equipment to malfunction or otherwise become inefficient, MDSi performs advanced diagnostic analysis to find the root cause and take the necessary steps to remedy the problem – ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of your organization.