With the ever-changing business environment, leading organizations need to be able to adapt and quickly apply new strategies and tactics to best serve their customers. At MDSi it’s not about evolving with the times and changes in technology, but rather to continuously communicate and collaborate with our customers and partners to ensure that we are ahead of the curve and leading our clients – today and every day moving forward.

It is this unique and proven approach to service that has a growing majority of the world’s leading companies working with MDSi to create and operate more efficient, sustainable, and profitable businesses.


Once a projects’ scope has been defined, MDSi works closely with internal client teams and other partners as necessary to establish the key service and maintenance requirements to ensure IT networks and infrastructure are correct to ensure high value, reliable function, and the utmost security of your IT data.

MDSi’s certified experts ensure that every expectation is exceeded on every project and installation.

Advanced Engineering Services

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Consulting Support
  • Long Term Resource Placement
  • Project-Based Resourcing
  • Technical PM Resourcing
  • Network
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • DC
  • Cloud

A Project-Based Approach

One of the benefits of working with MDSi’s Advanced Engineering Solutions group and incorporating a project-based/PO/SOW approach is that our experience and guidance will enable you to move to exceed your corporate objectives more quickly by moving to a more flexible (CAPEX) model.

Collaborating with MDSi also enables our customers to leverage our resources for multiple years vs. using a contractor-based model that typically comes with burdensome financial parameters.

Additionally, there is no more investing in new employees that can result in the loss of productivity and revenues due to lengthy and unnecessary learning curves.