MDSi provides a range of services to improve the efficiency of technology solutions. From choosing the best adapted hardware for your needs to configuration, installation and decommissioning, MDSi has the experience and knowledge you need. Together we’ll collaborate and establish the key service and maintenance indicators your IT network requires to ensure high value, reliable function and security of your IT data. Our certified experts can help you transition your IT to leading edge solutions such as software defined networking, cloud migration, and securing those environments.

Why Industry Leading Companies Choose MDSi

As a trusted partner, the MDSi professional services team quickly adapts and integrates to your team and unique situation. Acting as an integral part of your IT operations, our expert and experienced team focuses on innovation and collaboration to create just the right solution to exceed all our goals.

The trust that MDSi’s customers have in our experience and ability to seamlessly get the job done enables them to focus solely on their core competencies, drive more benefit to their organizations and significantly impact the bottom lines.


What We Do:

  • Working with the world’s leading organizations, MDSi is able to handle projects of any size and scope.
  • Innovation and Collaboration are at the core of all our projects, always leading to the 100% satisfaction and feedback that we exceeded all expectations.
  • Hands-on, daily communication that ensures precise planning, seamless integration, and desired outcomes.
  • Diligent and detailed industry forecasting to ensure accurate next steps.
  • Long-term relationships.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve
  • Increased Revenues
  • Decrease Costs
  • Move Towards Industry Leadership
  • Ability To Focus On Core Competencies
  • Improve Efficiency, Sustainability, and Profitability

It’s no wonder why leading organizations rely on MDSi to solve complex problems by delivering creative technology solutions that significantly impact their growth and profitability.


Advanced Engineering

MDSi provides a range of Advanced Engineering Services that improve the efficiency and sustainability of its client’s businesses.


Field Services

MDSi provides a range of Field Services that improve the efficiency and sustainability of its client’s businesses.


Technical Services

With more than 30 years or direct experience and knowledge, MDSi provides a wide range of Technical Services that improve the efficiency and sustainability of its client’s businesses.


Managed Services

Maintaining and optimizing your IT operations are key to running efficient and sustainable businesses.