With wireless technology constantly evolving and the rapidly expanding number of devices connecting via the Internet of Things (IoT), Service Providers are needing to keep pace by consistently changing the way they architect their networks to meet this unprecedented demand for increased bandwidth. Meeting customer demand is not the only issue. And this will not only continue, but the opportunity will grow as technology continues to get faster and faster.

That is why most U.S. carriers are working with MDSi to reduce costs while still generating consistent and increased revenue streams being made possible by the benefits possible via 5G connectivity and technologies.


Carrier Networking Solutions

  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • MPLS and Segment Routing
  • NFV (Network Function Virtualization
  • Optical Networking
  • Open Networking
  • Service Provider Mobility (2G-5G)

Carrier & MSO Solutions

MDSi collaborates and works with the vast majority of the world’s leading carriers to help them understand the industry’s constantly evolving opportunities, and not only meet, but exceed, their expectations on every installation and project.

Engage with MDSi today and validate new technologies at speed, integrate multi-OEM solutions and deploy agile networks that quickly deliver vertical-specific services.



  • Carrier-Grade Networking
  • Optical Transport
  • Business Edge Networking
  • Mobile Backhaul Networking
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Platforms
  • SDN
  • SD-WAN design, configuration and implementation for remote branch locations and head-end sites


  • IOT devices and sensors wireless deployments


  • Carrier Grade Next Generation Firewalls and IPS

Supply Chain

  • Capital Cost Avoidance
  • Capital Project Deployment
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Equipment Harvesting
  • Acuity SaaS solution