Check Your Bandwidth

To figure out the amount of internet bandwidth you have right now, check out and run their evaluative program on your system. It’s smart to perform the test outside of work hours to ensure the bandwidth is running undisturbed. This results in the cleanest reading.

Once you’ve determined your level of bandwidth, if you’re still not satisfied with your internet speed, then you have a concrete number to focus on improving. To get greater bandwidth, just talk to your internet bandwidth provider and see what options are available for increasing your limit.

Keep Investigating

At MDSi, we know firsthand the finagling necessary to nail down your optimal bandwidth needs. You want to meet, and slightly exceed, your current demands while fixing an eye to the future. Your enterprises shouldn’t chafe under any restraints to expansion. Don’t let insufficient bandwidth stand in your way.

Analyze your usage with regard to the areas we discussed, and don’t go overboard. Don’t over estimate and buy  more bandwidth than necessary. You’ll lose money both by under-investing and overinvesting in bandwidth. It sounds like a tight squeeze, but with the right attention to detail and proper monitoring of your internet habits, you’ll nail that Goldilocks zone of bandwidth perfection.

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