Testing & Repairs

From board-level repair to simple go/no-go testing, MDSi provides testing and repairs solutions that allow customers to maximize their current hardware capital investments and support the ongoing sustainability of your network.

Testing & Repairs

Gain major inroads into cost reduction and avoidance by using MDSi testing and repair services.  MDSi provides these services for cable, telecom and data center environments. Utilizing MDSi’s testing and repairs services will give you a vehicle to leverage your existing CAPEX, while minimizing future investments in the following ways:

  • Repairs increase the useful lifetime of your equipment
  • Testing and Repair allows your company to use decommissioned equipment as spares rather than purchasing new replacements
  • Testing avoids the significant “No Trouble Found” (NTF) fees from the manufacturer
  • Testing provides the ability to redeploy your equipment without worry


Testing is a critical service we provide that’s not only useful when equipment is malfunctioning or inoperable, but also when you’re looking to add new hardware, software or other equipment and want to ensure it will all function properly. We have the experience and equipment to perform advanced testing on your IT hardware, including:

  • Functionality Testing: We determine if your equipment is functioning according to design specifications. This requires comparing current status to technical specifications for your device or hardware and ensuring it is installed and being used correctly.
  • Performance Testing: If your hardware is underperforming, we can measure and record the current state and any errors that are occurring. This allows us to confirm that your hardware is back to optimal performance after any adjustments or repairs.
  • Compatibility Testing: IT systems include countless pieces of hardware and software that need to communicate properly. A compatibility test allows us to determine if this is occurring, and if not, to determine which component is causing a problem.
  • Automated Testing: To save you precious time and money, our MDSi, Inc. team can set up automated testing procedures and algorithms that repeat diagnostic testing quickly and reliably. We can use standard industry products or create custom scripts that best simulate your typical IT systems.


Once we’ve determined the problems causing your equipment to malfunction or run inefficiently, we perform diagnostic analysis to find the root causes. This information on the condition of your IT hardware allows us to best plan the necessary adjustments or repairs and provide high-value hardware repair solutions.

Depending on the results of your hardware testing, we plan the necessary repairs:

  • Software Issues: In many cases, what appear to be hardware issues are actually caused by errors in software or device compatibility. Before performing physical repairs, we verify that your routers, servers and network switches are set up to run correctly.
  • Installation / Connection Issues: Some hardware problems come from incorrect installation or physical wiring mistakes. Our expert technicians will verify the installation of individual IT hardware components and attempt to correct any errors.
  • Hardware Issues: Once we’ve determined that your hardware is malfunctioning or faulty, we can make the necessary repairs. Instead of automatically replacing hardware, we attempt to make repairs that can save you money and get your IT systems back online with as little disruption as possible.

For over 20 years, MDSi has been a proven testing and repair source for network and data center maintenance. Our OEM certified engineers complete all repair work within our state-of-the-art labs. MDSI provides services that are multi-vendor, multi-platform, across the entire spectrum of cable, telecommunications, voice and server technologies including: optical transport, wireline, printed circuit boards (PCB), ethernet, power and enterprise servers. Repair capabilities range from board-level repairs/testing all the way to cosmetic refurbishment enabling a “like new” product.

Examples of classes of equipment that we test and repair include:

  • CMTS
  • Optical: SONET/SDH, Optical LAN, ROADM, DWDM, Digital Cross Connects (DCS), Optical Cross Connects (OCX)
  • PCB: BGA, Component level repairs and testing
  • Blade Servers
  • Enterprise Servers
  • IP Switches
  • Routers

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