Regardless of the manufacturer, gaining a thorough understanding of how your maintenance is being used versus how it is being purchased is important. In fact, it is the key to avoiding unnecessary costs for this necessary but expensive hardware add on. MDSi augments existing maintenance strategies so that you spend less across the board.

With increased dependence on computer systems for running every aspect of your business, it’s critical to keep your IT hardware functioning properly. A hardware failure isn’t just an inconvenience — it can stop your business dead in its tracks. Include our professional IT hardware maintenance for all of your IT assets.

Maintenance Programs

Some IT manufacturers take for granted that you are going to purchase maintenance support on the equipment you buy from them.   In most cases, this is a good idea.   The question becomes at what service level?  It is not in their best interest to do that analysis.  It is also not in their best interest to come up with a plan that ensures you are using the lowest cost options available to support your various uptime requirements.    This is where MDSi comes in.  If it is in your best interest, it is in ours.  

Backed by our staff of expert IT professionals and certified engineers, our maintenance programs establish the right solutions, across most major OEM platforms, to meet your very specific requirements.   An environment that allows for simply checking the box for a 4hr SLA add-on is not going to cut it.  Neither will an environment where options for End of Life (EOL) and End of Service (EOS) assets simply roll into another year long contract or the purchase of a new model.  You deserve a partner who is measured on reducing your overall maintenance operating expense, a partner that will actively use your existing assets as part of the equation.

At MDSi, Inc., we focus our maintenance on major hardware groups such as:

  • Servers: Most servers work 24/7, 365 days a year and never get a break. We perform periodic monitoring and diagnosis of servers to ensure all systems are functioning properly, and that issues with your server’s OS, backup or hardware corrected.
  • Routers: Router maintenance can help diagnose performance issues before they cause a complete shutdown. Regular maintenance is necessary to verify CPU and memory utilization and to determine if hardware repairs or changes are required.
  • Switches: Your network system likely incorporates a large number of switches. We verify that your switches are working properly and can assess the need to replace or upgrade old or outdated switches that risk compromising your network speed and reliability.
  • Security Appliance Maintenance: Your security appliances need to be verified to ensure they’re working properly at all times. The security of your entire system depends on this hardware, and we can diagnose backup, remote access and other security functions.

We recognize that the utility of your hardware may go much farther than the terms of your maintenance agreement.    We do support analysis based on your install base and corresponding failure rates.  Data and proactive consultation, down to the criticality of each part, is the output you receive.  We ensure you have the right combination of lowest cost OEM maintenance interwoven with a proven sparing methodology.  

Our IT asset maintenance isn’t a blanket solution. Our MDSi, Inc. experts will tailor our hardware maintenance services to your assets and focus on the critical functions your hardware performs. Since going offline has major ramifications for your business, we will take care of the maintenance required to keep your system stable and reliable.

Let MDSi help you get back those valuable maintenance expense dollars today.

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