Streamlined, flexible support initiatives that accelerate cost avoidance beyond your hardware purchase.

Visibility into your entire asset inventory, both tethered and untethered, is critical. Having too many spares in inventory, the wrong maintenance contracts, or an ad-hoc support program will cost you a fortune, and possibly your job. MDSi sparing, staging, and support management programs utilize historical data, future demand planning, and strategically located state of the art facilities to ensure uptime requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Spares Management

MDSi employs proven sparing processes driven by data. Simplify the reverse logistics, forward logistics, staging, and flexibility requirements necessary to drive your dynamic sparing program needs. Let us ensure you always stay at optimal sparing levels, gain total visibility, and never spend a dime more than you need to.

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Warranty Management

With hardware from multiple OEM’s throughout your infrastructure, effectively managing and ensuring use of warranty agreements can be very challenging. MDSi works with you to streamline entitlement, RMA, and repair processes, ensuring you are getting the most out of your warranty agreements.

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Testing & Repairs

From board-level repair to simple go/no-go testing, MDSi provides testing and repairs solutions that allow customers to maximize their current hardware capital investments and support the ongoing sustainability of your network.

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Regardless of the manufacturer, gaining a thorough understanding of how your maintenance is being used versus how it is being purchased is important. In fact, it is the key to avoiding unnecessary costs for this necessary but expensive hardware add on. MDSi augments existing maintenance strategies so that you spend less across the board.

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Analytics & Recommendation

The first step of any engagement involves an in-depth analysis of our customers’ locations in order to determine the lowest-cost asset management solution to provide their greatest return on investment.

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The MDSi Difference

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