Services to optimize your technology solutions: from purchase to end-of-life, and everywhere in between.

The MDSi Services

Since 1990, MDSi has been providing a range of services to improve the efficiency of technology solutions. Navigating the realm of equipment management can be costly and uncertain. MDSi brings an analytic focus and our customer commitment to every stage of the process.

We start by studying your IT equipment and hardware to create a roadmap. This allows us to design the most efficient and effective professional hardware maintenance service solution. Instead of treating each piece of IT hardware as a unique component, we look at the big picture and how each element interacts. This allows us to tailor our services and ensure you’re getting the most value out of your IT hardware.

The best way to provide low-cost hardware maintenance is for us to consider your hardware through its entire lifecycle: when it’s purchased and installed, when we provide support and maintenance, when you decide to sell it and upgrade and when it is decommissioned and we perform proper hardware disposal. This lifecycle IT hardware management is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide extra value to your IT hardware assets.

From choosing the best-adapted hardware for your needs to decommissioning your old hardware in a safe and secure manner, MDSi, Inc. has the experience and knowledge you need. Together we can sit down and establish the key service and maintenance indicators your IT system requires to ensure high value, reliable function and security of your precious IT data.


As the first step in an IT upgrade or replacement project, purchasing the right equipment is critical as we determine the lowest-cost supply of hardware for your situation. We take the time to understand your current needs and plans for future upgrades and installations. Any time we suggest the purchase of equipment, we think ahead to the necessary hardware installation services and how we will support you going forward. We also realize that your best options may be already within your existing environment with unutilized hardware you already own that just needs to be redeployed.

We have the experience and product knowledge to find the best solutions adapted to your business, instead of catalog systems that won’t give you the flexibility and configurability you need. We will also find equipment that works seamlessly with your current IT hardware and installations.

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At MDSi, Inc., we can provide support for new installations as well as your current IT hardware and assets. Our team has the training and experience to perform an analysis and diagnosis of your existing installation and put in place a perfectly adapted maintenance plan. When we target the critical functions of your IT hardware instead of applying “standard” coverage that may not suit your IT system, we can offer low-cost hardware maintenance that adds real value.

We eliminate useless services and anticipate maintenance and upgrades that virtually eliminate the chance of hardware failure and system interruptions.

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One area where MDSi, Inc. is leading the industry is with our expertise in the resale of your used IT hardware. Unlike user interface hardware, which changes rapidly and loses value quickly, the core of your IT hardware system has significant value even used.

We diagnose, repair and validate your used hardware so that you can sell it and recoup some of your investment. Potential buyers will be encouraged to learn you employed professional hardware maintenance, which can increase the value of your equipment. As with our disposal services, we can ensure proper decommissioning to ensure the integrity of your private and valuable business data.

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When your obsolete or broken IT hardware need to be decommissioned and disposed of, it has to be done according to accepted industry rules and regulations. Proper hardware disposal involves completely removing all data and ensuring it can’t be recovered. We have the experience to transfer important data you’d like to conserve to new hardware and fully wiping it from your old hardware.

MDSi, Inc. also has contacts with the proper sources for safe and environmentally responsible hardware disposal. Certified hardware disposal ensures you’re meeting all legal obligations and removing any security risks, giving your business peace of mind.

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