A smarter strategy for monetizing your current hardware to fund future purchases and projects.

End of useful life equipment creates an opportunity. The decision to Sell hardware is more than just getting a good price. Your next best use should be clear. Knowing when or if to sell and how to prepare to market are just some of the variables that will impact your bottom line. MDSi empowers our customers to make informed, timely, and fiscally impactful equipment disposition decisions.

Redeployment Programs

Maximize your hardware investment by establishing redeployment protocols to support hardware installations and maintenance. More often than not, existing hardware can be repaired, re-certified and placed back in service without the need of purchasing new hardware to facilitate projects.

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Full-Market Valuation

As hardware demand and supply shifts daily, so does the value of your hardware on the secondary market. MDSi partners with you to make sure no money is left on the table, providing maximum value for your end-of-life hardware.

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Infrastructure Reinvestment

Cost avoidance derived from a dynamic asset management program can become exponential when combined with the strategic planning for your infrastructure. By reinvesting uncovered savings within current budgets, you can turn your long-term projects into real-time successes.

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Revenue Sharing Programs

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to simplify process and attain higher returns, revenue sharing programs create an excellent option for your company. MDSi programs utilize time as an asset to market and sell your hardware for more. You gain optimal returns for you hardware’s remaining value, all without the hassle.

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The MDSi Difference

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