Installation Services

Whether you need us to complete your hardware installation from beginning to end, or just an onsite resource for your internal technicians, rely on MDSi’s 20 years of expertise that comes from successfully installing hardware on a daily basis.

Installation Services

Proper Installation Service starts with obtaining accurate information.  Details are important, from site surveys to pre-work to gather specifics on materials needed for the completion and integration of any project. MDSi supplies the people and equipment assemblies required, including all power, network and structure material needed to complete the installation of your project in accordance with industry specifications. As a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000, and OSHAS:18001 certified company, MDSi guarantees all installations are completed in accordance with Telcordia Specifications, (GR-1275 / TP-7600 / Local office). MDSi Installation services cover:

Engineering Services

Installing new IT hardware (including servers, routers and network switches) takes detailed planning. At the onset of every project, we work with your IT and Engineering team to create a roadmap. We incorporate all new hardware into your existing IT infrastructure. Our MDSi, Inc. technicans have the experience to integrate new equipment as well as reorganize your exisiting equipment and layout and plan for future expansion and hardware additions.

  • Central Office, Customer Primus and MTSO design and engineering
  • Bonding and grounding design / Capacity and site planning
  • Equipment specification
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) creation
  • Site surveys and planning
  • Floor plans
  • Installation detail to customer’s internal or Telcordia standards
  • Site drawings and updates

This “big picture” roadmap of your organization’s IT hardware and functions allows us to add value and improve efficiencies. Simply adding on new equipment to an existing IT system can create compatibility issues and server inefficiencies. Once the overview is in place, we look at the individual hardware components and their physical and IT layouts according to best practices, legal requirements and health and safety guidelines. The result is an elaborate engineering approach that only an experienced partner like MDSi can provide.

Furnish Services

Our experience with IT hardware installation has taught us to plan every last detail. This includes furnish services, which are often overlooked by less experienced contractors. Failure to plan for the necessary delivery verifications and incidental infrastructure consumables can cause pointless delays. We come equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to perform a clean, efficient installation.

  • Material Management including kitting, inside delivery, status updates and trash removal
  • Material Sourcing including infrastructure, patch panels, batteries and miscellaneous installation consumables

Our MDSi, Inc. team tracks the delivery and status of all major IT hardware components such as your servers, routers and network switches. We also prepare the necessary installation hardware, accounting for potential issues with installation based on our decades of experience. At all times during our presence on your site, we respect all safety and security guidelines and work to minimize our intrusion.

Installation / De-installation Services

Having completed the necessary Engineering and Furnish Services, the remaining step is to perform the installation of your IT hardware. This step can include the de-installation of existing equipment that is damaged, obsolete or being upgraded. We work closely with your IT team to ensure the dates and times of our installation coordinate with your business functions and strive to keep your IT system downtime to a minimum.

  • Switch equipment installation, test and turn-up
  • Transmission/Transport equipment installation, test and turn-up
  • Data equipment, test and turn-up
  • Equipment staging, deployment, inventory and removal
  • Assemble, Wire and Test (AWT) solutions
  • Turnkey deployment solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions cable and equipment racks, fiber ducts, overhead framework, fiber and copper cabling installation, testing and splicing
  • DC Power systems (batteries, rectifiers, BDFBs) installations
  • Project management / Program management
  • Final as-built documentation

Our team ensures a clean, professional installation according to all rules and regulations in place, including those specific to your business or facility. Our goal is to perform our installation according to the roadmap and milestones agreed to at the beginning of the project and ensure satisfactory installation and start-up of your new IT hardware and assets. Our experience allows us to anticipate common issues that can arise during IT hardware installation and work to avoid them.

MDSi focuses on Install and De-commission services for routers, switches and servers, as well as specializing in DC-Power adds. The environments we are certified to work at includes Cell sites, MTSO (Mobile Telephone Switching Office), Data centers and C/O (Central Office).


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