The financial drivers and functionality of your infrastructure are unique - let your goals define your purchases, not your hardware supplier

MDSi maximizes your investments through our lowest-cost option methodology; whether we simply provide you a competitive hardware price or an ongoing solution derived from a comprehensive analysis of your hardware purchase processes. Together, we will create a systematic, lowest-cost purchase plan, using your own optimal mix of new, certified/refurbished, or redeployed existing hardware options to drive maximum cost avoidance.

We will work with your IT and Engineering team to study your current IT assets and infrastructure and understand your desired upgrades and improvements. This gives us a clear view of your Infrastructure situation and allows us to apply our IT hardware lifecycle management services to add value and performance to your system.

Intelligent IT lifecycle management isn’t simply about adding hardware, it’s about rethinking your IT strategy and using your existing assets and infrastructure efficiently while adding key pieces of hardware for even greater performance. This is one of the strengths of MDSi, Inc., and another way we can save your company money while adding to your IT capabilities.

Product Catalog

Search our vast inventory of new, certified or refurbished Networking, Voice and Server Hardware. MDSi hardware offerings include CCRE, Cisco, Avaya, Ericsson, Brocade, F5, HP, Dell, Alcatel Lucent, Calix, Nortel and many more.

We carry all of the most popular makes and models of IT hardware, as well as many unique, high-performance components that we recommend for unorthodox installations and specific uses. Our technicians have decades of experience in IT hardware and pay close attention to new products and hardware on the market.

If your IT or Engineering team has a preference for certain makes and models of hardware, we’ll work to include them, while we can also suggest the best options for your purposes according to our experience. We’re constantly adding to our inventory, so be sure to check back often to see what new hardware we have in our catalog.

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Analytics & Recommendation

The first step of any engagement involves an in-depth analysis of our customers’ locations in order to determine the lowest-cost asset management solution to provide their greatest return on investment.

In many cases, we can recognize problems with the organization and installation of IT hardware and infrastructure that are causing problems and inefficiencies. We then take into account any hardware that is unutilized, obsolete or being replaced and include this equipment in our IT lifecycle management analysis. The final step is adding in new or redeployed equipment to create your full asset lifecycle management program.

Our team is trained to perform methodical analysis of your site and make real-world suggestions and proposals that extract maximum value from your existing and future IT assets.

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Stage & Configuration

MDSi utilizes our OEM certified technicians and engineers to stage your equipment in our state-of-the-art labs, ensuring that you reduce your costs by avoiding dead on arrival hardware and eliminating the need for onsite technicians.

Knowing that your hardware solution will function perfectly at the moment of boot-up is priceless. Any downtime of your IT infrastructure is an inconvenience for your business, so we work through advanced staging and configuration to ensure quick, efficient installation. This allows us to provide fast installation service and minimize the disruption to your business.

We consider every aspect of your existing network when performing staging and configuration so that there are no surprises the day of go-live. This is a key advantage of working with MDSi, Inc., thanks to our deep experience and staging and configuration expertise.

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Installation Services

Whether you need us to complete your installation from beginning to end, or just an onsite resource for your internal technicians, rely on our 20 years of expertise that comes from successfully installing hardware on a daily basis. We consider all general safety practices as well as any specific rules and regulations you might have at your location. Every installation respects hardware manufacturer guidelines to ensure compliance for all guarantees and warranties.

Not only do we consider the safe and reliable installation of your IT hardware and assets, but we also plan all secondary furnish services. We track orders and delivery of all components and plan for all necessary tools, mounting hardware and safety equipment. Our technicians have the training to install IT hardware at high-security and high-risk sites, and apply safe, methodical procedures to ensure a trouble-free installation.

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Site Survey & Audit

The key first step of any successful program is performing an in-depth site survey and audit. This allows us to develop a blueprint for engagement that accurately assesses the customer's current environment in order to develop the optimal plan to meet their goals.

The physical location and installation of your hardware assets and infrastructure plays a major role in its performance and reliability. State and Federal laws dictate the rules for server rooms, while the nature of your business, location and customers may also require specific conditions for installation. Thanks to our years of experience, our MDSi, Inc. technicians can quickly and effectively asses your current IT installations and include any necessary changes or upgrades on our IT hardware management proposal.

A thorough site survey and audit upfront saves us time and money later, which is why MDSi, Inc. always works closely with clients to get as much information as possible at the start of an infrastructure lifecycle management project.

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