Juniper SRX240
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Juniper SRX240
Juniper SRX240
  • Cost-effective integrated routing solution that provides enterprise-class security and networking for small-to-medium businesses and medium sized branch sites
  • Includes four mini PIM slots that provide highly flexible WAN options
  • 16 gigabit Ethernet ports that provide ideal LAN capacity with PoE option available that can be used for modular switching
Hardware prices are hardware prices. MDSi is the leader because we focus on what really impacts your bottom line—Cost.

Product Description

Juniper SRX240
Juniper SRX240 is a fully customized hardware solution that assures the continuous transfer of data and media within your company’s infrastructure. MDSi carries reliable networking products that can be delivered within 24 hours. Request a Quote to receive pricing, or call 1-800-874-9850 for more detailed information.

The MDSi Difference
In today’s marketplace, other than the return address on the box, there really is no difference in the hardware or maintenance that resellers provide to the customer. The true value lies in the people, the delivery, and the execution of the solution that surrounds said hardware. The MDSi difference centers on discovering the total cost of ownership of your entire current infrastructure and balancing that against future hardware initiatives to minimize your capital investment. We accomplish this by applying our full suite of Asset Management programs and services which include Reverse Logistics, Spares Management, Repairs, Maintenance, Logistics and Installations. Click here to request more information on our full suite of services and programs.


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