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As companies migrate to flash storage, your business needs the smart storage solutions offered by Pure, which are essential to the security and infrastructure of a business. Storage encompasses more than the storage of media, because storage must also be accessible and account for the efficiency needs of users, who today demand the utmost in speed and security in storage.

One of the most time-consuming activities for any business is the maintenance, deployment and operation of a data center. For many companies that lack the resources or capabilities to implement these processes efficiently, the process can put a drain on productivity and limit a company’s outreach, profits and overall success. Over time, this often proves disastrous, as companies that fail to cope with technological changes get weeded out of the market by competition.

companies fail to cope with technological changes

The problem is compounded exponentially for data-center operatives who must cope with outdated systems, as these can be difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade and bring up to speed with the demands of the modern age. If the equipment on hand was purchased at different times, installations are bound to be inconsistent across the arsenal as a whole. Companies clearly need a system that works with current technology and will remain compatible as newer machines hit the market.


About Pure Storage

As the industry leader in flash storage, Pure has offered solutions to businesses that are effortless, efficient and evergreen. A prime example is FlashArray//M, a flash storage option that allows for scalability and ease for the full range of business storage needs, regardless of file size or the formats involved.

The foremost advantage of all flash storage from Pure is the reliability it offers. FlashArray//M is available at all times, day or night, 24/7. The installation only takes one hour, and the application involves a simple, self-managing plug-and-play. Connected to the cloud, //M protects your data and offers unsurpassed analytics.

FlashArray//M offers twice the quality of data reduction of all competitors, and lets you consolidate workloads for reliable performance through and through, even in the face of setbacks and changes. You can get the full range of data services integrated without penalty, since FlashArray//M allows you to add to your system as new technology becomes available.

flasharray data reduction

Pure offers a storage solution that combines the benefits of cloud computing and software as a service. Once you have it deployed, you can continue to expand and upgrade for the next decade, with no impact on the performance of the service, and without any need to migrate data. The Evergreen™ Storage business model allows you to continue using a terabyte once you own it. Basically, there’s no limit to the amount of space you can use with the system.

FlashArray//M is always secure, fast and available. Pure has designed //M for 99.9999 percent availability at all times, in all places, even when upgrades are performed on services. Therefore, you can reap the benefits of nonstop service with maximum performance, even during maintenance. The service is fully encrypted, and also includes disaster recovery and N_Port ID virtualization. With FlashArray//M, you never have to worry about losing anything.

To set up the service, all you have to do is rack one component and hook up six cables. The process doesn’t involve any bolting or outside management servers. You don’t even have to tune the database, machine, file system or anything else in the array. Everything arrives ready to be set up and activated.

With state-of-the-art, 5:1 average data reduction that works across the installation base of FlashArray, the efficiency you gain is integral with the service. Here, you can merge a full range of workloads with complete security. Even when you need to make upgrades, there is no configuration involved. In addition, the service allows you to save space, reduce data, replicate data and make snapshots. All of your data gets backed up several times over.

FlashArray can be integrated with a range of cloud IT services, including vCenter and vRealize from VMware, as well as Docker and OpenStack. Tested and verified for a full spectrum of applications, FlashArray//M deploys without a hitch to integrate your workloads. You can further expedite deployment with the use of FlashStack, which boosts infrastructure and is supported by affiliates of Pure.

flasharray integrated with cloud IT services

According to Nielson Global VP Alex Patent, his company reduced its use of storage space from 50 racks to five — only 10 percent of what Nielson had used with previous solutions. With user stories like these, there’s no question companies have a lot to gain with the application of Pure Storage solutions.
Developed in partnership between Cisco® and Pure Storage®, the FlashStack™ solution offers a revolutionary means for the infrastructure of information technology. The solution supports a full range of vital applications and offers a strong platform for cloud and other services. FlashStack groups the most up-to-date solutions for storage and networks into a unified solution that expedites deployment and reduces risks and IT costs.

Various components, including Pure Storage FlashArray, lower the costs that are typically involved with the cooling and power of the space that comprises a data center. With its integration of complete flash storage and the most up-to-date server technology, FlashStack gives you the dynamics and dependability required to accommodate the vital processes of any business.

Offered by partners of Pure Storage and Cisco, FlashStack provides an integrated infrastructure that simplifies the experience of data management and maximizes performance capabilities. Companies that have implemented the solution have agreed FlashStack provides unsurpassed benefits when it comes to the management of storage space and networks in a unified platform.

FlashStack is empowered for a full range of workloads and applications, which lowers the risks typically associated with deployment. By the same token, this enables IT organizations with a speedier and more easily applied deployment of proper infrastructure, which makes things easier for engineers and more efficient for companies as a whole.

cisco validated designsThe architectures of FlashStack are competently reviewed and specified by Cisco Validated Designs. Furthermore, the technical documents and reference architectures can also be accessed if needed.

The architecture of FlashStack has been conceived for the highest levels of strength and accessibility as part of a commitment to keep applications and workloads accessible at all times for companies around the world, both large and small.


Pure Storage FlashArray//M

With FlashArray//M, you can put every one of your apps into the same place for maximum speed of use. //IM will give you the greatest value for multi-purpose integration in a solution that requires no effort, is completely efficient and that lasts through years of upgrades, no matter how large you grow and expand your company and all the workloads involved.

FlashArray offers solutions for all conceivable necessities that pertain to information technology. The solutions run the gamut from the basic, starting with //M10 at 30 terabytes, to the maximum NVMe of //X70 at 1.1 petabytes. You can initiate the solution from any location, and the upgrade capacity is infinite and non-disruptive, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues in the months and years that follow.

Powered by Purity, FlashArray//M draws its power sources from the software that embodies the essence of flash innovation, with evergreen capabilities that improve with each successive upgrade, allowing you to continually expand your working arsenal.

Since its inception, FlashArray has offered 99.9999 percent availability to users. With these odds, your data is always available at your fingertips for easy management and access from any location, whether you happen to be located at your workplace or at a remote location.

With its cloud-connected functions, //M offers unparalleled predictive support, as well as optimal analytics and maximum protection. Anytime //M needs your attention, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

flasharray offers unparalleled predictive support

With FlashArray//M, you can combine all your applications with an integrated solution that requires only 10 percent of the power competing options typically use. You also get an infinitely greater amount of space and the benefit of drastically reduced cooling requirements, both of which will make things far easier for IT management.

The secret behind the evergreen scalability and adaptability of Pure Storage is in the modular design of FlashArray//M, which can adapt to upgrade after upgrade for years to come. FlashArray//M comes in four levels:

  • //M10 — 25 TB
  • //M20 — 250 TB
  • //M50 — 500 TB
  • //M70 — 1.5 PB

FlashArray//M also consists of the following components — //M chassis, controller modules, flash modules, expansion shelves, NV-RAM modules and I/O modules.

//M chassis: Super-speedy module that facilitates hot plugging for a range of connectivity options.

Flash modules: Equipped with dual-drive flash modules that contain two SSDs per slot, which increases their capabilities twofold. The drive modules provide backup and are linked to both controllers. The flash modules are replaceable, and change-outs don’t affect performance.

NV-RAM modules: The purpose of non-volatile cache modules is to safeguard writes from blackouts, in the event of such occurrences during 1/O processing. NV-RAM modules have the power to hold data for at least 12 months with no power supply. Between two and four backup modules are linked to the system with dual-port PCIe/NVMe.

Expansion shelves: Extend FlashArray//M beyond the //M Chassis with a further 16 GB, 12 TB or 24 TB of expansion capabilities.

Controller modules: For a broadened range of performance tiers, //M includes three controller options, which can be upgraded with no impact on operability.

I/O modules: A variety of configurable ports, with six slots on each chassis.


Pure Storage FlashBlade

As the business sector grapples with the age of intelligence, the protection of data is more vital than ever before. In light of these conditions, the businesses that harness the most up-to-date capabilities in data analytics are the businesses that maintain a competitive edge over all competition. In response to the growing need for analytics that meet the full capabilities of the cloud, FlashBlade™ is the most powerful solution in the industry.

Today’s workloads are intended for parallel systems in which the computers and storage systems involved operate in tandem at maximum performance aptitudes. FlashBlade has been designed to meet these demands, and this is accomplished by the delivery of fast and powerful, yet accessible and simple cloud flash.benefits of flashblade

Simply put, experts revere FlashBlade throughout the business sector because the solution is fast, big and simple. The benefits of FlashBlade include:

  • Flexible performance that expands with the addition of data — as much as 17 GB per second
  • Exceedingly fast, whether the task involves small data-intensive workloads or big streaming documents
  • All-flash capabilities that don’t require caching or tiering
  • Capacity that reaches into the petabyte range
  • Flexible concurrency — can accommodate thousands upon thousands of clients
  • Enough space for billions of files
  • Lasts infinitely into the future — no need to repurchase TBs that you already have
  • An all-purpose design that doesn’t require any optimization
  • Instant scalability

The scale-out of FlashBlade is incredibly flexible. To scale out the things you need online, all you need to do is add a blade. With every blade you add, you boost the metadata scale and performance capacity, as well as the RAM and connectivity with clients.

Flashblade is also an incredibly easy solution to manage, as it contains inbuilt CLI and GUI, in addition to the Pure1 platform. It only takes one administrator to handle the functions and deploy the solution at any scale, large or small, regardless of how many people a company employs.

With its all-flash capabilities, FlashBlade ensures you do not have to wait for any operation to implement. The solution expedites IO in both large and small blocks for an all-around speedy set of metadata functions that are easy for any authorized user to understand.

Thanks to its design, FlashBlade offers a trustworthy resilience that safeguards users against blade loss. Each blade is deployed with N+2 backup that allows for automatic, instantaneous system healing in the event of a blade failure. Basically, there is no way the system can go wrong, because there is a contingency for every possible problem.

The speed of FlashBlade is optimized with an Ethernet throughput of 320 GB per second, which guarantees maximum function of fabric and secure communication between everything on each blade.speed of flashblade

Three-fourths of all NFS operations rely solely on metadata. Thankfully, FlashBlade employs a widely distributed database of metadata, used by each tier of the solution, and is therefore queryable for maximum analytics.

With a mere seven blades, FlashBlade can be implemented as a single 4U application. The networking functions within the software and is thoroughly integrated, and therefore requires no maintenance or configuration in order to fully work and be accessible to all concerned parties.

With the insertion of additional blades, FlashBlade is easy to scale to any desired level. The low latency of the blades — which come in capacities of 8 TB, 17 TB and 52 TB — is a crucial part of this scalability.

Designed for random data, Purity//FB is compatible with every big protocol on FlashBlade, including SMB, HTTP and NFS. Every one of these protocols is optimized for a full range of deployment, and also offers newfound levels of scale and extensibility.


Pure Storage FlashStack

For the vital operations of business, it is essential to have a data infrastructure that never fails. Designed to facilitate operations without a single glitch, FlashStack is a much-tested solution employed by Pure Storage to shrink deployment times and virtually eliminate the possibility of risk for companies across the business sector.

The scalability of FlashStack ranges from a mini version to more than 160 hosts. The system functions seamlessly, without the need to migrate data, and offers more than a petabyte of space. The system grows in increments, piece by piece, according to the needs of a business and the resources at hand. Regardless of size and scope of an undertaking, FlashStack stays efficient, reliable and easy to use for any IT professional.

FlashStack is the world’s leading solution for information technology and cloud integration. When you integrate the solution with private cloud services like VMware vRealize and Cisco, you can grow your cloud exponentially. Designed for hybrid-cloud use, FlashStack is equipped for compatibility with the CloudCenter tools from Cisco.

FlashStack is a turnkey solution that can adapt to your company’s system and be up and running within an hour. The platform can be customized to suit the needs of your business and make the operations of your IT department smoother and simpler in the process.

pure storage flashstack

Anytime you need support with the platform, you can get help on any given number of concerns from the FlashStack Authorized Support Partners. Here, you will be connected with an expert, multi-person staff of technical specialists who will help you get past any sticking point you might have with the platform.

With FlashStack converged infrastructure, you can implement thousands of servers in a matter of minutes. The platform is designed for the quantity of workloads that are commonplace in the modern-day business world, where millions of files are transferred by the hour from all types of computer devices.

FlashStack works with the Exchange program to offer advanced degrees of performance, accessibility and scale. The performance here goes far beyond what is typically offered by standard availability groups for databases, which simply lack the capacity to handle the more demanding efficiency needs and space requirements of most businesses in the present day.

With FlashStack, you can provide one input/output operation per second in every mailbox for as many as 40,000 users in only 3U of FlashArray//M. With messaging capabilities and collaborative strength of this magnitude, you can help colleagues become far more productive than ever imagined, which will allow you to grow your company, expand your market and raise your profits in the process.

flashstack speed

In combination with Commvault, FlashStack offers superior protection of cloud-integrated data. Made for a range of environments — be it hybrid, cloud or physical — Commvault offers security for important projects on FlashStack.

FlashStack, in combination with Cisco UCS Director, offers an easy, automated set of solutions that makes it possible for IT specialists to work with greater ease and efficiency. As such, information technology becomes less about repetitive applications, and more about the high-speed facilitation of solutions to companies of all sizes.


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