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As your company grows, so does the competition for your existing and new customers.  Your legacy communications system has served you well, but your employees are now competing in a new business environment where customers increasingly expect to communicate using smartphones, social media, and the web – instantly, from anywhere, anytime.

That’s the challenge in today’s mobile, virtual business landscape as companies drive for consistent communications between employees, business partners, and clients.  Too often, a remote working world can feel splintered, disconnected, and complicated, resulting in lower productivity – and lost opportunity.  Your customers, too, can feel neglected and misunderstood if they can’t reach you in the way they choose. In fact, a recent study showed that today just 10% of businesses have a fully deployed UC/mobility solution.  

Join MDSi at Seasons 52 and see how you can easily move to a new solution for less than what you are likely paying for support and maintenance today.  Stop investing in the status quo and we’ll move you to a solution that combines power, operational simplicity, flexibility and value, that can help your employees and customers engage quickly from anywhere on any device, while lowering operational costs, improving efficiency and driving profitable growth.

Register today to attend our Lunch & Learn at Seasons 52, Wednesday, June 24th.  We look forward to seeing you there.


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