Triage at the Edge

Triage your hardware for disposal, repair, sparing, or redeploy at the decommission site instead of shipping off to a location, only to be shipped again for additional processing. Minimizing your hardware shipments can severely reduce your logistics costs, further increasing the return on your investment.

Triage at the Edge

Time is money.  An old saying that is just as true today as it was in the past and in IT, it is gospel. Decommissioned IT assets can retain recoupable value but not forever.   The speed at which a decision is made for an asset’s next useful life is critical as depreciation and market changes can happen in a flash in IT.    A decommissioned asset has one of three destinies:

  1. Redeployment, or stated another way, putting the asset into use in another area of your infrastructure
  2. Resale or monetizing the value left in the asset via the sale of the asset; generally in the form of a straight sale, revenue share relationship, or a combination thereof
  3. Disposal or more commonly referred to as recycling of the asset when there is no longer any marketable value

MDSi employs a process coined “Triage at the Edge”.   Simply put, we set up processes that define the next use of your decommissioned assets so that they do not sit around depreciating or taking up space. The rules of next use are set in advance.   They are then updated on an ongoing basis as future use or market value changes.  The result is that your IT assets get to their next intended use as quickly as possible.  You retain maximum economic utility of the asset and experience minimal costs associated with processing and/or freight.

Once our simplified solution is employed providing visibility in one location via MDSi’s Partner Activity Coordination Tool, engineers and technicians no longer have to think about what to do with decommissioned assets., costs are avoided and money is saved.

Let MDSi show you how easy decommissioning can be.

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