Data Erasure

MDSi provides secure on-site or off-site disk erasure, meeting the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards. Disks are sanitized using a 3pass, 7pass, or a custom algorithm set forth by the customer’s requirements.

Is it really gone?   The answer is no unless the proper steps are taken to ensure it is. Countless stories of disks being carelessly handled can be found with a simple internet search.  Data loss resulting from improper oversight is no joke as it is at the core of most organization’s value.    It can take many forms like trade secrets or private employee/customer information.   No matter the form, it is your organization’s responsibility to keep information safe.

MDSi provides both on-site and off-site erasure solutions on the vast majority of server and storage disk.   Our data removal and overwrite processes comply with Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22M, NIST, or other customer standards as required.    Having a partner you can trust to meet HIPAA, FACTA, GLP, Sarbanes-Oxley,  PCI DSS, or the Data Protection Act (UK) is not simply an option – it is your business requirement to comply with the law.

Data Erasure

Erasing data is more than simply deleting it. Deleting data by conventional methods does not remove it fully. It simply eliminates the link between the storage location of the data and where your computer or other devices search for it. In simple terms, it means your data still exists, but doesn’t appear when searched.

If you dispose of a server and the data has simply been deleted, it would be possible for the device to be recovered and the data restored. If this is your sensitive data, you can imagine the security and business risks this presents.

Experts and hackers, however, can find this data relatively easily. A complete secure data erasure fully removes your data so that it no longer exists and cannot be restored. At MDSi, Inc., we use sophisticated software and techniques to fully erase data so it simply no longer exists. There’s no risk of finding data that doesn’t exist, which is why data erasure is the only sure way of disposing of unwanted data.

Disk Wiping

Once we’ve performed secure data erasure, we can also perform a complete disk wiping as part of our server disposal process. This is an additional step which ensures that none of the data ever recorded on your server or storage device can be reconstructed. Your electronic information is priceless, which is why you need to take all available precautions with how it’s handled once your IT hardware is obsolete or damaged.

Upon completion of advanced disk wiping, your servers and disks are clear for proper disposal. This eliminates any risks of your data being stolen and puts your company in compliance with legal requirements concerning certified IT data destruction and equipment disposal. When you contract MDSi, Inc. to wipe your discs, you’re protecting the sensitive data of your organization, your suppliers, your customers and your partners.

As a trusted partner and a company that is fully certified to federal and state standards, MDSi can provide you the piece of mind when handling precious data.   Let MDSi take the solution to your facility or send your equipment to us.   We will make sure you are taken care of with the proper processes and documentation.

Let MDSi make sure you take all the right steps to protect your organizations valuable data.

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