Dispose when disposal is the only option; and when you do, make sure you do it correctly.

Security, protection and environmental compliance are the main factors in determining the best approach to removing hardware from any infrastructure. MDSi provides you peace of mind by overseeing the certified server disposal and data destruction requirements related your hardware disposition, while retrieving any residual value that may exist.

Gone are the days where old, unused IT hardware and equipment is simply tossed out or piled in a storage area. The sensitivity of your data means it needs to be transferred to new storage equipment and the old equipment properly erased so that no trace is left. Don’t risk any of your data being copied or stolen from your obsolete equipment.

Triage at the Edge

Triage your hardware for disposal, repair, sparing or redeploy at the decommission site instead of shipping off to a location, only to be shipped again for additional processing. Minimizing your hardware shipments can severely reduce your logistics costs, further increasing the return on your investment.

We organize decommissioning of servers and hardware according to the type and quantity of equipment you have. Our technicians respect the integrity of your data and privacy of your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Before arriving for decommissioning and disposal, we’ll plan every detail of our intervention to minimize our intrusion on your site and provide the quality service you expect from an expert like MDSi, Inc.

In all cases, we make sure your data is safely transferred from your servers and other storage hardware before proceeding with decommissioning. We see proper IT hardware decommissioning as an important service for your business and treat your data and equipment with the respect it requires.

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Certified Disposal

As a certified R2:2013 recycler, MDSi, Inc. can recycle your end-of-life electronic materials and equipment meeting the R2 standards of public health, worker health, the environment and the safety and security aspects of electronics recycling.

With more and more pressure on businesses these days to limit their environmental impact footprint, proper hardware decommissioning and disposal has taken on an even larger role. Toxic materials in certain pieces of equipment and servers needs to be handled with care, not only to protect your employees and the general public but also to ensure it doesn’t make it into waterways and the soil.

At MDSi, Inc., we create and foster strong relationships with organizations that deal with IT recycling and waste. You can be assured that after we perform secure server decommissioning, we will treat your waste according to the rules and regulations in place.

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Data Erasure

MDSi, Inc. provides secure on-site or off-site disk erasure, meeting the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards. Disks are sanitized using a 3pass, 7pass or a custom algorithm set forth by the customer’s requirements.

Proper data removal is critical even if servers and equipment are going to be scrapped. Data can be easily recovered by IT experts after it has been deleted, which is why the IT industry has created secure methods for fully wiping and destroying IT data.

When we have finished with your equipment, we guarantee your data is no longer present on your hardware. Our team at MDSi, Inc. gives you the peace of mind that any risk to your private company data is eliminated. We also ensure compliance with all server and hardware decommissioning laws.

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Stockpiling unused servers and other hardware storage devices also creates other problems:

Legal Requirements: Depending on your field and the nature of your clients, suppliers and partners, storing unused data without proper hardware decommissioning might fall afoul of legal requirements.
Environmental Concerns: To respect the environment, proper hardware disposal means retired servers and other storage hardware is handled according to industry standards and practices.
Storage Space: An “IT graveyard” used to be a common sight, where business simply piled unused servers and IT hardware. This waste of space adds no value to your business.

Simply put, there are no advantages to storing unused IT hardware. Our MDSi, Inc. team will perform proper hardware decommissioning and ensure the safety, integrity and continuity of your data. We take care of this process with three major steps tailored for your business and hardware disposal requirements:

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