Testing & Repairs – Cable

Testing & Repairs – Cable

MDSi provides major inroads into cost reduction and avoidance by providing testing and repair services for the cable industry. Utilizing MDSi’s testing and repairs services leverages your existing CAPEX, minimizing future CAPEX investments in the following ways:

  • Repairs increase the useful lifetime of your equipment
  • Testing and Repair allows your company to use decommissioned equipment as spares rather than purchasing new replacements
  • Testing avoids the signifcant “No Trouble Found” (NTF) fees from the manufacturer
  • Testing provides the ability to redeploy your equipment without worry

For over 20 years, MDSi has been a proven testing and repair source for network maintenance within the cable industry. All repair work is completed within our state-of-the-art labs by our OEM certified engineers.  MDSI provides services that are multi-vendor, multi-platform across the entire spectrum of cable and telecommunications technologies including: optical transport, wireline, printed circuit boards (PCB), ethernet, power and enterprise servers. Repair capabilities range from board-level repairs/testing all the way to cosmetic refurbishment enabling a “like new” product.

Examples of classes of equipment that we test and repair include:

  • CMTS
  • Optical:  SONET/SDH, Optical LAN, ROADM, DWDM, Digital Cross Connects (DCS), Optical Cross Connects (OCX)
  • PCB:  BGA, Component level repairs and testing
  • Blade Servers
  • Enterprise Servers
  • IP Switches
  • Routers